Principal’s desk

Dear students and all respected stakeholders

Education exposes students towards available literature and cultural heritage, which enhances the creativity and skill learning capabilities of human life. Human life is one of the most cherishable blessings of nature. Therefore, as human beings, we should not waste it as a lost statistic. We should give our best efforts to make it count. PSB Government Degree College, Lambgaon, Tehri Garhwal is perusing to imbibe the socio-cultural tradition of India’s Diaspora with updated factual information about various walks of life. The very purpose of our institution is to create a breeding ground, where human life can be transformed into a value-based civilized, rational, and awakened citizen, which can prudentially contribute towards strengthening brotherhood, social cohesion, and progressive society.

PSB Government Degree College, Lambgaon, Tehri Garhwal is located in a remote hilly area of Uttarakhand has been imparting life-changing skills through higher education to the students of Uttarakhand to shape up their personality and their future. PSB Government Degree College, Lambgaon, Tehri Garhwal is intensively engaged in the execution of various curricular activities with the active and important role of IQAC, the participation of students in co-curricular activities is also emphasized. Our institution regularly organizes Community awareness campaigns for literacy, de-addiction, environmental protection, and cleanliness for a value-based progressive society to enhance quality higher education and maintain social cohesion and cultural harmony.

Higher education is one of the key drivers of growth performance, prosperity, and competitiveness in national and global economies. Higher education institutions not only deliver tertiary education and ongoing skills training but also provide a bustling research environment that produces innovations with valuable commercial applications.

The modern workplace is in a constant state of evolution. Even within the last decade, job roles and the skills required to succeed in them have changed enormously, with technological advancements being a key factor. That is why PSB Government Degree College, Lambgaon, Tehri Garhwal has to meet the sincere responsibility to nurture human life with a scientifically proven and logically sound well-established value system to create a Quality Workforce. In this regard, our institution is trying it’s all efforts to equip the college with all the required infrastructure to further the up-gradation of the teaching and learning skills of the faculty and students.

I extend my warm wishes to all the students. I am also thankful to the dedicated and devoted faculty members who are doing the noble task of teaching and contribute their time for the development and growth of the institution.

Dr. Yogesh Kumar Sharma